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The Money-Saving Gardener new book by Anya The Garden Fairy

It has been a real joy to support the pr for DK on the hugely inspirational Anya Lautenbach’s (aka @anya_thegarden_fairy) debut book The Money Saving Gardener in which Anya shares a lifetime of resourceful knowledge and experience to help create a dream garden on a shoestring budget

  • With a passion for propagation, Anya shows you how to produce plants for free, source second-hand and upcycle your way to a beautiful low-cost garden
  • She reveals her best long-term value for money plants plus cost-cutting tips and handy projects for every season
  • Easy-to-follow ‘how to’ guides with step-by-step photography and images of Anya’s beautiful home garden
  • To her loyal followers on social media (400k Instagram, 685k Facebook and c60k TikTok), Anya shares her poignant personal story of family grief and ‘super power’ neurodiversity, and how this spurs her to help others through gardening

Thrifty, self-taught and deeply passionate gardener Anya Lautenbach, who posts her budget gardening know-how as @anya_thegarden_fairy on Instagram, has collated a lifetime of creative gardening tips and hacks in her first book, The Money-Saving Gardener.

Offering every gardener a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide, she proves that creating a stunning garden doesn’t need to cost the earth or break the bank.

As the country faces a cost-of-living crisis, The Money-Saving Gardener is packed with tips and tricks to help gardeners keep costs down without compromising on style or impact.  With creative advice on everything cost saving, from how to consciously buy and waste less, repurpose what you have and find, make the most of so-called garden “waste”, to how to boost your plant collection with easy-to-follow seed-saving and propagation tips throughout the seasons.

The Money-Saving Gardener encourages patience when gardening to avoid waste, and urges those with a new garden to take time to get to know their plot so they don’t rip out any hidden horticultural treasures.

Anya, reveals her favourite hardworking plants and shrubs to grow, that are not only beautiful but give the best long-term value for money, while also supporting wildlife and helping the planet.

Her lifetime of budget gardening began in Poland where she grew up surrounded by resourceful family and friends who were passionate about nature and, through necessity, never wasted anything.  She was taught self-sufficiency by her mother and shown how to collect seed and propagate plants at the age of 12.  “Growing your own food and flowers wasn’t a choice – it was a necessity to survive and stay sane,” Anya writes.


Those practical skills enabled Anya to grow and create her own beautiful garden in the UK, all on a tiny budget. She started to share her tips and personal gardening journey with others in lively posts across her social media platforms, and a loyal following of gardeners of all ages and abilities quickly blossomed.

Advocating the mental health benefits of gardening, Anya believes getting your bare hands into soil is something everyone should experience.  Taking cuttings and the positivity she gains from seeing their first roots grow, has given her strength throughout her life, particularly in times of family grief and her own ADHD ‘superpower’ diagnosis.

She says: “A passion for propagation has helped me enormously on my journey, and I have never stopped propagating since I left home over two decades ago.

 “I know by sharing my knowledge I can make gardening and propagating more accessible, helping people to create the garden of their dreams at a fraction of the cost of going out and buying what they need.”

She continues, “My garden captures the legacy of previous generations, my own passion and looks to the future for my children.   We’ve got to change how we garden, and I hope this book will be a great start for many people to achieve the garden they aspire to in a rewarding, affordable way.”


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The Money Saving Gardener published by DK