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Award winning author Liz Zorab takes readers on a highly entertaining and joyful celebration through the gardening year

• The Seasoned Gardener is the second book from award winning author Liz Zorab following on from her debut best seller Grounded

• Grounded was a No 1 Best seller in ‘Organic Gardening’ in the US and sold 10,000 copies in first month worldwide

YouTube Channel @LizZorabByther Farm has generated a devoted following of 120K and growing!

• Liz’s infectious humour and self-deprecating style takes readers on a year-long celebration of the abundance of our gardens

• Accessible and relatable The Seasoned Gardener is like having friend offering advice from over the garden fence
Following on from her hugely popular, award-winning debut book Grounded, Liz Zorab returns with The Seasoned Gardener which invites you to join her on a personal and yet totally relatable journey of growing and learning through the gardening year.

Illustrated with a delicious selection of Liz’s own photos The Seasoned Gardener provides an abundance of friendly advice and hundreds of top tips on what to and what not to do ¬- as she inspires gardeners of all levels, to have a go at growing taster and healthier food, for themselves and to benefit the natural world.

Liz, who teaches, blogs and Vlogs to a devoted following of over 120K on her vibrant YouTube Channel @LizZorab has been described by gardener and journalist Jack Wallington as, “A radical voice in contemporary growing.”

The Seasoned Gardener inspires you to connect with your garden and surroundings and explains how the veg’ garden sits within the wider context of the landscape, highlighting the importance the seasons, weather, microclimates, water cycles and light levels play on growing successful and healthy crops.

Liz’s down-to-earth writing style has been likened to having a helpful neighbour chatting over the garden fence. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and every chapter is filled with a wheelbarrow-load of advice on what to grow, when to seed and plant out, what pitfalls to avoid – having learned from her own mistakes – and how to be creative with what you’ve got around you.

She says, “Possibly as important as growing food, has been learning how to celebrate the patterns in the cycle of the year to savour each season. The feeling of accomplishment at growing our own food is as fresh today as it was when I first started gardening. And I still happily take the credit for nature’s capacity for abundance, despite my interference.”


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Notes to Editors:
Liz Zorab runs Byther Farm and teaches gardening and self-sufficiency has a vibrant
YouTube Channel, Liz Zorab – Byther Farm.