Drinking from the fire hose - DIY v the Professionals

The genius of digital cameras and the unbelievably good lenses on the latest mobile phones has lead to a phenomenal growth in amateur photos and videos being published and shared almost everywhere in the world.  Incredibly there is over 70 hours of video uploaded onto YouTube every minute and 25% of that is now coming from mobile phones.

This rise in DIY communication in recent years has been prolific and has generated some incredible viewing, from the instant heart stopping news footage of major events, through to giggle inspiring viral videos of dancing kittens, which imperceptibly find themselves on our screens.

So, now that everyone can write their own copy, (I couldn’t possibly comment!) take their own photos and produce their own video footage, is there still place for the highly trained professional?

I certainly think so, because the flip side of all this amazing DIY creativity is that, as the Americans’ would say, “We are drinking from the fire hose”. We are almost drowning in content, most of which is uncrafted and perhaps most importantly unedited. All that can really now differentiate your communication, particularly on a business platform, is its quality.

I have worked with photographer Martin Haswell for many years on both press and promotional photography for my clients.  Over the last year Martin has extended his photographic repertoire, with the introduction film and video production.  Martin uses his digital SLR camera to produce the videos and the quality is consequently exceptionally high and beautifully rich.  What he does, with whatever subject, is use his experience to consider the story around the brief and present a short and perfectly edited video, to evoke the key message, without being blatant or bland. 

He created one such video for my client, Chris Beardshaw. The brief I gave was to illustrate that in addition to Chris being an incredible garden designer, broadcaster and author - he is also a great speaker and lecturer for any audience.  This short video illustrates that message perfectly, by letting the viewer realise Chris’ innate skill as a speaker, through the voices and faces of the audience and by capturing a glimpse of Chris’ passion for communication. 

On a social platform, Martin has also produced a number of wedding videos which I think illustrate how critical editing and years of technical experience can perfectly encapsulate an entire wedding day in a few emotional minutes of crafted footage.   Watching this little video, transports you to the emotions of this entire big day in just under 3 minutes. 

So, I will always encourage my business clients, who can’t generally rely on the ‘cute’ or ‘hilarious’ to bring traffic to their services, to really consider investing in professionals to help their business stand out from an increasingly visual and vocal crowd.

Posted on March 22, 2013 .